The enchanting beauty of the moon can be experienced through a glistening Selenite crystal, as the majestic Moon Goddess Selene rides across the sky in her dazzling chariot. With her silver wings and crescent crown, Selene turns day into night and safeguards those in darkness. While many ancient cultures attributed goddesses to symbolise the moon, the Greeks recognised Selene as the embodiment of the moon itself. Selene and her crystal counterpart both represent tranquillity, blessings, love, and light. 

Selenite crystals are revered for their translucent and ethereal radiance. Like the moon, they emit a pure white light into their surroundings and are believed to contain the Liquid Light of Spirit that resides between matter and light. Selenite is known for inducing deep peace and exudes a fine, high-frequency energy that surpasses most other stones in its ability to activate the Crown and Higher Crown Chakras. This crystal is ideal for spiritual work, meditation, and accessing ancient wisdom and knowledge. It is one of the best stones for establishing a connection with one’s spirit guides and the angelic realm. 

Selenite is an effective tool for grounding the Light Body of an individual and for awakening their higher self. It enhances mental prowess, especially in the realm of telepathic communication between like-minded people. Some believe that Selenite can retain information within its structure, making it useful for telepathy. By sending a message or thought into the crystal, one person can attune it to a second individual who can retrieve the information. Selenite can also be used for scrying the truth of past events that have occurred in its presence, as it is said to contain the history of the Earth within its linear markings. 

Throughout ancient times, clear crystals with a glassy or pearly sheen were highly regarded and were believed to wax and wane with the cycles of the moon. Selenite was named “moon stone” in Greek, due to its white, moon-like appearance from cleavage surfaces or transmitted light quality. Selenite is a form of Gypsum, a hydrous calcium sulphate that typically develops in transparent, well-formed crystals or crystalline masses. Selenite crystals are tabular in nature and are often striated. They exhibit a vitreous or pearly lustre and can be clear as glass or free of imperfections. Selenite may also display interesting inclusions, such as dendrites, fossils, or druse. Some Selenite crystals are delicate enough to be bent by hand and can form in mica-like sheets. Selenite has even been used as windowpanes, as seen in the 5th-century church Santa Sabina in Rome. Selenite crystals can vary in size, with some fully formed specimens measuring over 36 feet in length and weighing nearly 55 tons. 

Selenite crystals possess a range of light hues such as blue, green, orange, and peach. Interestingly, selenite is water-soluble. This remarkable crystal boasts of exceptional healing properties that address physical, emotional, and spiritual balance and challenges. With its unique curative powers, selenite aids in the treatment of physical ailments and emotional issues. It is a highly sought-after element in energy healing and chakra balancing. The therapeutic benefits of selenite include clearing blockages, stabilizing emotions, and promoting flexibility. 


Selenite works wonders in clearing blockages and densities in the energy field. By directing high-frequency energy into the body, selenite stimulates physical healing. The crystal is especially effective in aligning the spinal column, where one can use a selenite crystal or wand to trace the spinal column from the base of the spine to the back of the neck, removing blockages, or in the opposite direction, smoothing the flow of energy. Selenite further enhances the core physical structure by fostering flexibility within the muscular system and supporting bones, nerves, and tendons. Additionally, it assists in treating skeletal system disorders or deformities and stabilises epileptic disorders. 

Selenite is known to ameliorate illnesses caused by mercury poisoning from dental amalgam and can reverse the effects of “free radicals.” Moreover, selenite is an emotional stabiliser that soothes mood swings and attention deficit disorder. It has also been known to promote youthfulness, vitality, and extend life span. This versatile crystal effectively calms and stabilises erratic emotions and eliminates confusion, inadequacy, jealousy, doubt, or any other form of negativity. Selenite facilitates one’s understanding of a situation’s inner workings and helps to differentiate superficiality from what is going on at a deeper level. 

Selenite resonates with the Crown Chakra and activates the Etheric Chakras, attuning them to higher and more spiritually enlightened aspects of life. As a result, selenite creates a soul connection and fosters the highest self-illumination, providing a cosmic doorway to other worlds. Selenite represents personal identification with the Infinite, oneness with God, peace, and wisdom. Overall, selenite is an incredible crystal with exceptional therapeutic benefits, enabling individuals to find balance and peace in their lives. 


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