3rd Eye Chakra, Blue, Integrative Balance

Third Eye Chakra

- I See -

Colour: INDIGO

Element: LIGHT

Location: Centre of forehead

This chakra represents intuition, foresight, openness, awareness, and imagination 

Third Eye Mantra: I SEE through the veil 

Crystals: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Purple Fluorite, Iolite, Blue Sapphire, Sodalite 

When imbalanced – feeling stuck, living in illusion and fantasies, lack of clarity and direction 

Healing foods: salmon, purple cabbage, blueberries, blackberries 

Located at the centre of your brain, an inch above the midpoint between your eyebrows, lies the 3rd Eye Chakra.  

I SEE is the mantra of this powerful energy centre, referring to both, physical and psychic sight and encourages self-reflection, expanded perspectives, and an understanding of the world through connections with higher consciousness. 

By following the gentle guidance of your third eye chakra, you will find yourself encouraged to accept alternate answers to mundane circumstances, allowing you to connect and communicate with your higher self. This chakra has been believed to have multiple activation timelines, with some occurring between the ages of 8 and 14, others between 35 and 42, and some not correlating to a timeline at all. 

However, after the year 2012, the 12-ascension system began on Earth, resulting in children born after that date being naturally spiritually open, awake, and aware. For those born before 2012, the activation of the third eye chakra began during early childhood years. Your third eye chakra governs your physical eyes, ears, pineal gland, and, in some systems, the pituitary gland as well. 

Additionally, your optic nerve, responsible for vision, falls under the energetic care of your third eye chakra. All the organs mentioned before are linked to your third eye awakening progress, with the pituitary and pineal gland working together for the full opening of your third eye. Furthermore, your automatic emotions, memory, and stress responses also function under the influence of your third eye chakra. 

A balanced third eye chakra manifests in the ability to see things from a wider perspective, with a broader understanding, while leaning into your intuition with trust and openness. When open and balanced, the third eye chakra guides you to internalize the outside world while externalizing your multidimensional self. 

This balance enables you to help others open and trust their inner vision, as you understand that assisting others in their journey is the responsibility of an awakened soul.  

The primary colour of the third eye chakra is INDIGO, and the secondary colour is VIOLET, which is also associated with the crown chakra. 

Both colours are related to self-awareness, reflection, and spirituality. The indigo colour, a deep midnight blue, contains the frequencies of deep blue and violet, teaching integrity, justice, and devotion. Meanwhile, violet carries the frequency of dignity, intuition, and sensitivity. 

An underactive third eye chakra can lead to self-doubt, memory loss, perception issues, and difficulty in planning or visualizing. Additionally, a state of mind based on denial and the inability to promote change in your life may signal the need to evaluate the energy levels of your third eye chakra. 

On the other hand, an overactive third eye chakra can lead to overthinking, daydreaming, and fantasizing. Obsessiveness and delusion may also be observed, with a diminished ability to focus. Navigating through your perceptions of your intuition, imagination, and intellectual abilities allows you to tap into your inner mystic, manifesting your wishes and desires and transmuting the darkness of your experiences into light. 

Your third eye chakra serves as a gateway to translate higher consciousness information, allowing you to become self-actualized and self-empowered as you connect with higher realms of consciousness governed by elevated vibrational frequencies. Balancing and anchoring your third eye chakra is crucial to approaching your spiritual development in a meaningful and holistic way. 

By returning to guided meditations and reconnecting with this powerful energy centre, you can remember your origins, your gifts, and stay anchored in your next evolutionary phase of light. As you journey through the physical chakra system, the third eye chakra will help you achieve the unity of the higher mind, the ego mind, and the thinking mind, ultimately leading to a more enlightened and fulfilled existence. 


Sending Love and Light. 

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