We often find our destiny on the path we take to avoid it


These forms are important as they will assist me in the choice of crystals prior to your visit. By highlighting the concern or the issues which bring you to the session, I will be able to tune in to the detail and you will benefit more from the therapy. 

Please download the required form, fill it in and email it to me 24 hrs prior to your session. 

Thank you. 

Crystals Therapy Forms

Crystals - Consultation Form

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Crystals Aftercare

Regression Forms

Regression - Consultation Form

Regression Useful Information

Book an Appointment

You can book an appointment for Crystal Healing by clicking the link below, or simply contact me…

Cancellation Policy

100% refund when cancellation notice is given 48hrs prior to the session. 

50% refundable if cancellation notice is given 24hrs prior to the session. 

No refund on cancellations with less than 24hrs notice – a rebooking option will be offered instead. 

After two nonrefundable cancellations – no rebooking option available. 

Payment required during booking, via bank transfer, please contact via SMS or WhatsApp for details.