Root Chakra

Root Chakra

- I AM -

Colour: RED

Element: EARTH

Location: Base of the Spine

Strongly connected to Earth, this chakra is related to survival, security, stability, and the materialistic foundations of our lives.

Root Chakra Mantra: I AM – confident, full of energy

When imbalanced – confidence is replaced by anxiety, fear, and scattered energies

Healing foods: onion, garlic, radishes, beets 

The Root Chakra serves as a vital stabilising point for the seven physical chakras within the human body. Situated between the perineum and reproductive organs at the base of the spine, it addresses topics such as security, stability, and physical courage, which are all essential elements necessary for one to prosper and grow in life.

I AM serves as the Root Chakra’s mantra, urging you to establish firm roots upon which you can grow and flourish. It is widely believed that the activation of this chakra commences within the womb and continues throughout the first seven years of life. During this time, you acquire fundamental survival skills and develop your own attachment style.

The Root Chakra governs a balanced development of the skeletal system, hips, tailbone, legs, and perineal organs. It shares responsibility for the care of the bladder, small and large intestines, and certain reproductive organs with the Sacral Chakra. The adrenal glands are regulated by the Root Chakra, contributing to metabolic functions, immune system responses, blood pressure regulation, and stress response management.

Ruby-red represents the colour of the Root Chakra, signifying blood, fire, desire, and love. It is an emblem of vitality, passion, and power. An energetically balanced Root Chakra results in a heightened sense of energy, increased dynamism, and the ability to live life to its fullest. A balanced Root Chakras often displays a deep connection you establish with others, basing relationships on integrity and pragmatism. You emerge with a renewed desire to build strong foundations for a world rich in resources and prosperity, having worked through your fears and limiting beliefs. 

When the Root Chakra lacks energy, you may experience feelings of disconnection, apathy, passivity, and the inability to assert healthy boundaries. You may become easily manipulated, engaging in pointless arguments and drama, and experience unexplained weight loss. Conversely, an overactive Root Chakra can cause you to become prone to anger, jealousy, rage, or to the lack mentality. Self-destructive or self-sabotaging behaviour, hoarding, rigid boundaries, excessive spending, weight gain, and resistance to change are indicators of an overactive Root Chakra. 

You can reflect on your perceptions of stability, security, self-esteem, self-confidence, courage, ability to give and receive love, and the ability to connect with others within established boundaries, as the Root Chakra often reveals how one perceives themselves and their value in the world. Though you cannot alter past circumstances that shaped your personality, you have the power to choose how to respond to challenges. 

The Root Chakra encourages you to focus on the present, the only moment that matters, as it is the only time you can act on your choices. As the journey through the physical chakra system begins, they you will connect with higher realms of consciousness, governed by elevated vibrational frequencies, not defined by space or time. It is vital to approach spiritual development from a place of balance and grounding, seeking equilibrium and anchoring which can be achieved by reconnecting with the Root Chakra through guided meditations. 


Sending Love and Light. 


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