Heart Chakra, Integrative Balance

Heart Chakra

- I know -

Colour: GREEN

Element: AIR

Location: Centre of chest

This chakra represents love, compassion, happiness 

Heart Mantra: I LOVE  

Crystals: Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Jade, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Malachite, Green Tourmaline 

When imbalanced – depression, fear of intimacy, jealousy, overly defensive 

Healing foods: cucumber, avocado, wheatgrass, spirulina, barely grass 

At the centre of your chest cavity, nestled between your breastbone and lungs, lies your Heart chakra, the gateway to the sacred and divine. This pivotal energy point holds a neutral space within your chakra system, separating the lower three chakras, responsible for primal functions, from the upper three chakras, which facilitate connections to higher consciousness and spirituality. 

I LOVE is the mantra of this powerful energy centre and it speaks of compassion, purity, grace, and restoration, allowing access to wisdom beyond intellect or words. It encourages letting go of judgment and embracing the present moment for the greater good, connecting with the wisdom of the Divine. 

Activation of the Heart chakra typically occurs between ages 22 and 28, during a period of nurturing self and relationships. This can create a deep bond of affection and intimacy with a partner, as well as connect the Heart and sacral chakras, enabling greater creativity and self-care. 

Responsibility for the organs of the chest cavity, including the heart, lungs, thymus, rib cage, blood vessels, and blood, as well as the shoulders, arms, and hands, lies with the Heart chakra. A balanced Heart chakra manifests in altruistic behaviour and aspirations, extending empathy, compassion, motivation, and acceptance to all areas of life. 

When living from a coherent heart, a bridge forms between the denser energies of lower chakras and the higher frequencies of one’s Divine nature. Purified wishes and desires lead to expansion, connection, and opportunities, with waves of joy and gratitude emanating from the Heart chakra. 

The Heart chakra is represented by two intertwined colours, EMERALD-GREEN and PINK. Emerald-green represents harmony, nature, renewal, and growth, while pink signifies universal love, compassion, affection, and intimacy. 

A lack of energy in the Heart chakra can result in feeling shut down and closed off from emotions, leading to pain, emptiness, loneliness, isolation, and depression. An underactive Heart chakra may also lead to an inability to forgive or cope with current circumstances, creating a sense of aimlessness or manifesting as bitterness, victimhood, or defensiveness. 

Overstimulation of the Heart chakra can result in narcissism, obsession, stubbornness, and self-centeredness. An overactive Heart chakra may cause difficulty in establishing healthy boundaries, loss of identity, people-pleasing tendencies, and an inability to say no, even when not in one’s best interest. 

Exploring one’s perception of compassion, gratitude, and love, integrating energies of kindness, acceptance, and surrender, and embracing the ability to love without fear of getting hurt can open the Heart chakra to the divine love that we are here to experience as humans. 

The Heart chakra helps us understand life’s experiences through love, enabling us to experience and embody this state of being. 

Balancing and grounding spiritual development from the heart space, with love and harmony within and with the universe, can facilitate connection with higher realms of consciousness and vibrational frequencies unbound by space and time. Returning to guided meditations to reconnect with the Heart chakra and open the heart space to new opportunities can be beneficial. 


Sending Love and Light. 

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