Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline, also known as Verdelite, is a precious gift from nature that possesses unparalleled healing abilities, especially for the physical heart. By harnessing its electrical energies and directing them towards the core of one’s being, it creates a flow of positive energy that nourishes all parts of the body and mind. Unlike its feminine counterpart, Pink Tourmaline, which primarily affects emotions, Green Tourmaline has a masculine, or yang, energy that enhances courage, strength, stamina, and vitality. Furthermore, its spiritual vibrations resonate with the Earth’s energies, activating the Heart Chakra and creating a strong connection with divine love. 

Green Tourmaline’s shade varies from a light pale green to the darkest emerald or olive, and it acts as a gateway stone to the devic realm. As a result, it has a beneficial influence on all living and growing things. In meditation, it can be used to communicate with nature spirits and connect with the physical essence of plants and animals. Green Tourmaline’s rejuvenating properties make it one of the most effective green stones for promoting vitality and well-being. 

Although Tourmaline can be found on every continent, obtaining fine crystal specimens or gems is still considered a rare and expensive feat. However, the popularity of Green Tourmaline as a gemstone rose significantly in 1876, when a green Tourmaline from Maine was sold by a mineralogist and jeweller named George Kunz to the prestigious Tiffany and Co. in New York. Since then, it has become a favourite among collectors and practitioners of metaphysical arts due to its versatile energy properties. 

Tourmaline is a complex mineral composed of aluminium borosilicate, mixed with iron, magnesium, or other metals in various proportions. As a result, it comes in a range of colours, including red, pink, yellow, brown, black, green, blue, and violet. Its prismatic, vertically striated crystals have a unique triangular cross-section, and they may be long and slender or thick and columnar. Tourmaline’s coloration may also vary within a single specimen, either lengthwise or in cross sections, and it can be transparent or opaque. The word Tourmaline originates from an ancient Sinhalese word “turamali,” meaning “something small from the earth,” or “turmali,” meaning “a mixed colour precious stone.” 

One of the most beloved types of Tourmalines is Watermelon Tourmaline, which has a pink centre surrounded by a green outer “rind.” This unique combination activates the Heart Chakra and enhances emotional and physical well-being. While Pink Tourmaline is associated with emotions, Green Tourmaline has a significant impact on the physical body, and when used together, they connect one with their higher self, bringing joy to their life and relationships. 

Green Tourmaline is also known to attract good luck, success, abundance, and prosperity. It ignites creativity and can help one manifest their goals by projecting their intentions and desires. Furthermore, it may increase the opportunities to earn a second income by turning an interest or hobby into a profitable business. 


This stone is particularly effective in the healing of plants and the promotion of healthy gardens. It carries the essence of the plant kingdom, supports the study and practice of herbalism, and enhances the effectiveness of herbs and plants in our healing. Moreover, Green Tourmaline helps individuals overcome emotional challenges associated with their father figures or other male forces in their lives. 

Tourmaline is a shamanic stone that provides protection during ritual work. It is ideal for scrying and was traditionally used to identify the root cause of problems or offenders while indicating a positive direction in which to move. Tourmaline is also an excellent treatment for motion sickness and helps restore shine and lustre to hair and nails. 

The natural beauty and invigorating qualities of Green Tourmaline make it an ideal stone to use for a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments. Not only does it provide relief from chronic fatigue and exhaustion, but it can also help stimulate proper cellular function and regeneration, making it an excellent tool for those dealing with cell-growth imbalances and cancers. 

One of the strongest stones for vibrational healing of the heart, Green Tourmaline fortifies the nervous system, benefiting the eyes, thymus, ductless glands, and the immune system. Its detoxifying properties make it a useful tool for treating the intestines and chronic bowel diseases, and it may even aid in weight loss. 

In addition to its physical benefits, Green Tourmaline also has a powerful impact on the mind and emotions. It can soothe the mind and promote restful sleep, making it a useful tool for reducing claustrophobia and panic attacks. It can also benefit hyperactive children. 

Tourmaline is an incredible tool for bringing balance to the brain, aligning mental processes with the chakras and auric body. It diminishes fear and can even be useful in treating dyslexia by improving eye/hand coordination and the assimilation and translation of coded information. 

Green Tourmaline encourages a sense of gratitude and promotes interest in our fellow human beings and the environment. It helps us see the miracles of life and inspires compassion, tenderness, and patience. Its centring energies at the Heart Chakra regulate our interaction with the external world and allow us to be ourselves within our environment.


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