Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite

The striking Blue Kyanite crystal is renowned for its high vibration, making it a highly sought-after tool for meditation. This exceptional stone possesses the ability to bring all the chakras into alignment, which is the outstanding property shared by all Kyanite colours. The blue variant is the most widespread colour of Kyanite and the one that is most commonly seen. 

Kyanite is a powerful crystal that rapidly transfers energy and creates new pathways where none existed before. Like a universal bridge, it facilitates connection and opens the mind centres, boosting telepathic and psychic abilities. Kyanite enhances all communication efforts, bridging gaps and creating links for transmitting or receiving healing energy. Its ability to immediately align the chakras and subtle bodies is a rare and exceptional feature that brings tranquillity and a calming effect to the whole being. Kyanite is especially effective in aiding the transition into deep meditative states. 

Along with Citrine, Kyanite is one of the few minerals that neither accumulates nor retains negative energy and thus never requires cleansing. Its unlimited application makes it a versatile tool for metaphysical purposes and can even be used for cleansing and clearing other crystals. 

Kyanite is an aluminium silicate mineral that appears as long, striated bladed crystals, often with a pearly sheen. The most used colours in metaphysical practices are blue streaked with white, indigo, green, and black, but it may also appear in white, grey, pink, yellow, and orange. Kyanite takes its name from the Greek word, kuanos or kyanos, meaning “deep blue,” and was once known as Disthene, meaning “two strengths.” Its most identifiable feature is anisotropism, the ability to cleave perfectly in two directions with two distinctly different hardnesses on the perpendicular axes. 

Kyanite is a valuable resource in the industrial world, with applications in heat resistance, high refractory porcelain, refractory bricks, mortars, kiln furniture, and foundry moulds. It is also used in the auto and railroad industries for brake shoes, grinding wheels, and cutting disks. In the field of dentistry, Kyanite is an essential component in standard porcelain dentures, sinks, and bathroom fixtures. Highly transparent and attractively coloured Kyanite crystals can be cut into cabochon and faceted gemstones and are considered “exotic” gems. 

In addition to its many physical properties, Kyanite has an impressive impact on one’s emotional and spiritual well-being. It inspires loyalty and promotes fair treatment of others. It aids in working through disagreements, disputes, and repairing damaged relationships. It is highly effective in negotiations, diplomatic missions, arbitration, and other forms of communication between individuals with opposing views, allowing them to find a common frequency. 

Kyanite has a powerful calming effect on the mind and body. Its soothing blue ray promotes serenity, bringing stillness and relaxation to the body. It dissolves intrusive thoughts, releasing fears and anxieties caused by uncertainty. Clearing the throat chakra and improving communication, it fosters better relationships. Finally, Kyanite detoxifies the system of chemicals that one has been exposed to within the environment. With its many benefits, Kyanite is truly an exceptional crystal. 

Within the workplace, Kyanite fosters open and effective communication, bringing together differing beliefs and ideas, while promoting self-expression and authenticity. Meanwhile, Black Kyanite’s grounding energy supports environmental healing and assists those actively working towards the planet’s evolution. 

Kyanite’s frequency encourages individuals to explore all aspects of themselves, including their unique interests, skills, and knowledge, guiding them towards fulfilling their soul’s path and finding a vocation that aligns with their purpose. It inspires individuals to trust their intuition and live with a keen sense of integrity. 

By overcoming a victim or fatalistic mentality, Kyanite helps individuals move beyond recurring emotional patterns and blockages in their energetic field. It bridges the connection to these patterns, quickly creating new energy flow and shifting one’s perception of the world. Additionally, Kyanite promotes a logical thought process and encourages decisive action, helping individuals remain functional in extreme situations. 

Kyanite’s energy aligns all chakras and subtle bodies, clearing pathways and meridians. It restores Qi to the physical body and has a calming effect on the whole being. Its blue and indigo energy is particularly beneficial for the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, expanding communication and enhancing psychic awareness on all levels. 


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            Blue Kyanite

              The striking Blue Kyanite crystal is renowned for its high vibration, making it a highly sought-after tool for meditation. This exceptional stone possesses the ability to bring all the chakras into alignment, which is the outstanding property shared by all… Read More

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