Iolite Crystal


Iolite, a gemstone of shifting shades of violet-blue, carries with it the essence of journey, intuition, exploration, and illumination. Like the crisp, dark winter sky, Iolite represents the spirit of dreams and provides vision to transport us physically and spiritually from one realm to another. Its profound ability to evoke these powerful energies has earned it the nickname of the Vikings’ Compass. Leif Eriksson and other brave Viking explorers relied on thin pieces of Iolite to determine the exact location of the sun, and to navigate safely to the New World and back, making it the world’s first polarising filter. The unique property of pleochroism found in Iolite produces distinct colours when seen from different angles. This exquisite gemstone is also referred to as Water Sapphire or Dichroite, and it takes its name from the Greek word ios, meaning violet, which is the gemstone version of the mineral Cordierite. 

Iolite is known for its restorative qualities that help bring balance back into the lives of those who are disorientated, lacking motivation, or experiencing chronic disorganization and distraction. It is also recommended for anyone looking to strengthen their resolve and take on more responsibility. In situations of adversity, Iolite can provide the self-assurance and endurance needed to see it through to the end. As an excellent source of energy, Iolite is a helpful aid in eliminating debt and responsibly managing money. It can restore perspective and inspire practical steps towards bringing order to even the most chaotic of lives. 

The beautiful violet-blue energy of Iolite resonates with the astral bodies and psychic awareness. It stimulates creativity, access to thoughts and ideas beyond the ordinary, and helps activate the visionary side of the mind. As a stone of the muses, Iolite is a catalyst for creative self-expression, inspiring writing, song, movement, and other artistic endeavours. It can aid in understanding and releasing the causes of addiction, promoting the expression of one’s true self free from the expectations of others. 

Iolite is also said to support a stronger than normal constitution and has been credited with promoting detoxification, improving liver health, regulating digestion, enhancing hair and nail growth, and reducing fatty deposits in the body. Additionally, it strengthens the nerves and can help with paralysis, numb limbs, and tolerating pain. Iolite has even been used to treat malaria and other fever-producing disorders. It stimulates memory and can prevent insomnia, nightmares, or sleep disturbances. 

This extraordinary gemstone examines the deep self, helping individuals to let go of the belief that they need to control inner experiences. Iolite dissolves fear of the unknown or suppressed parts of the psyche, increases the capacity to move forward, and allows for the understanding that the examination of one’s wounds is the most direct path to healing. As a stone of inner treasure, it helps to uncover the lost parts of oneself and in receiving the peace one’s spiritual journey brings. 

Iolite has the ability to provide solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems, promoting a calm, positive state of mind and instilling hope. It assists in decisions on how to proceed and gives the emotional distance needed for a clearer perspective. By balancing the male/female aspects of one’s character and bringing harmony within the self, it releases discord from relationships and helps overcome co-dependency within close partnerships. 

In treating imbalances of the brow chakra, the dark blue/purple crystals of indigo are often used. This is the colour of an empty sky, of solitude and reflection, a quiet colour of mystery, wisdom, and judgment. Iolite carries a violet-blue energy that activates and clears the Third Eye, opening communication and awareness from higher vibratory realms. In summary, Iolite is a truly remarkable gemstone, full of wisdom, insight, and transformative power, providing the vision needed to navigate life’s journey and discover one’s inner treasure. 


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