Crown Chakra, Integrative Balance

Crown Chakra

- I Remember -

Colour: VIOLET

Element: NONE

Location: Top of the head

This chakra represents divine connection and states of higher consciousness 

Crown Chakra Mantra: I REMEMBER my divine origin 

Crystals: Clear Quartz, Selenite, Fluorite, Labradorite, Amethyst, Diamond 

When imbalanced – cynicism, disconnection with the divine, closed mindedness, loss or disregard of sacredness 

Healing foods: purple kale, purple grapes, blueberries 

At the highest point of your physical form, or a mere few inches above it, rests the sacred location of your Crown Chakra, the pinnacle of the seven energetic gateways to transcendence.  

I REMEMBER is the mantra of the Crown Chakra and as you recall and recollect, you attain understanding and eventually, true knowledge. Acting as a bridge between the divine and your mortal self, the Crown Chakra, and the Root Chakra, situated at the base of your spine, serve as the energetic poles that bookend your chakra system. 

Over the course of a lifetime, the Crown Chakra undergoes a gradual evolution that begins in childhood, well before societal norms or limiting beliefs can take hold. By the age of 43 to 49, one has accumulated sufficient wisdom and experience to shake off any imposed programming and begin forging a path guided by inner wisdom and intuition. This gradual process culminates in the fully realized Crown Chakra, a powerhouse that oversees the harmonious development of various bodily components, including the skull, the cerebral cortex, the brain stem, and the cranial nerves. 

A well-balanced Crown Chakra results in a sense of deep connection to one’s higher self and soul, which fosters trust and enables the soul to serve as the ultimate guide. In this state of alignment, one flows seamlessly with the energetic currents of their spiritual path, manifesting in a deep sense of empathy and connectedness to others, and an awareness that transcends the limitations of the ego. This state of heightened awareness has a cascading effect, amplifying the energy of the chakras below it and leading to an overall improvement in physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

The Crown Chakra is characterised by two primary colours – White, which symbolises purity, hope, and light, and Violet, which is associated with creativity, spirituality, and mysticism. When this chakra lacks energy, the effects can be profound, resulting in feelings of isolation, disconnection from spirituality, and physical issues such as muscular degeneration and nerve problems. Conversely, an overactive Crown Chakra can lead to obsessive behaviour, feelings of superiority, and attachment to toxic relationships. 

Exploring one’s perception of self, sense of belonging, and creative abilities is a crucial step in developing a well-balanced Crown Chakra. Learning to connect with spirituality and one’s inner wisdom enables one to tap into their innate ability to create their own reality. Regularly engaging in guided meditations to reconnect with this powerful energy centre can help one remember their origins and stay anchored in their understanding and knowing born from their higher self. 

The Crown Chakra represents the culmination of one’s spiritual journey, serving as a window to perceive oneself as an integrated being in this world. Nurturing and balancing this chakra are essential to achieve inner harmony and live a fulfilling life in the light of truth.


Love and Light

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