Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra

- I feel -

Colour: ORANGE

Element: WATER

Location: Approximately 3 finger widths bellow the navel

This chakra represents the Creative and sexual energies

Sacral Mantra: I FEEL – creative, resourceful

When imbalanced – repressed intimacy, emotional isolation, sexual dysfunction, and lack of or repressed creativity.

Healing foods: oranges, coconuts, melons, cinnamon

The Sacral Chakra is situated between your tailbone and the small flat triangle at the lower back, and it lies 1-2 inches beneath your navel. It is intrinsically linked to the water element and associated with passion, love of life, and abundance. This energy centre beckons you to delve deep into your creative prowess, realizing that your external creations are merely a reflection of your internal world. 

I FEEL is the mantra of the Sacral Chakra, reminding you to ride the tides of energy that encompass you while simultaneously harmonising your inner world with your social relationships. Your Sacral Chakra becomes activated in your body during the period of 7-14 years when you move away from the innocent and pure phase of childhood and step into the early adolescent years. It is during this time that you begin to explore different versions of yourself, moving beyond the theme of survival and self-centred behaviour, establishing new connections, and building relationships outside of your family unit. 

The Sacral Chakra is responsible for maintaining the health and balance of your reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder, hips, lower back, intestines, and gonads.  

Orange is the colour of the Sacral Chakra, representing a symbol of happiness, endurance, strength, and abundance. The vibrant, warm hues of this energy centre are inspiring and stimulating, igniting your creativity, and encouraging a positive state of being. 

A balanced Sacral Chakra manifests itself in your ability to recognize and meet your needs, engage, and connect with others from a balanced emotional core, and develop intimate relationships with the world, cultivating a true sense of closeness or Into Me You See. Creativity is the hallmark of the Sacral Chakra, and when this energy centre is balanced, you will be able to give birth to your ideas, execute your visions, and manifest your creations in the world around you. 

When your Sacral Chakra is deficient in energy, you may feel emotionally and physically rigid, denying yourself intimacy and struggling to connect with others. You may feel stuck, inadequate, and lack self-esteem. All these emotional barriers result from early programming during your adolescent years and a lack of energy in your Sacral Chakra. On the other end of the spectrum, an overactive Sacral Chakra may lead to emotional instability, overreaction, mood swings, addictions, arrogance, mania, or obsessive attachment in relationships. 

Your Sacral Chakra is your gateway to creating new life, a sacred and mysterious energy centre that invites you to reflect on your feelings of shame, pleasure, well-being, belonging, and closeness. It will help you understand how you perceive yourself as a creator in this world, experiencing the joy of connection and creation that we came here to explore as humans. 

As you embark on your journey through the physical chakra system, you will begin to connect with higher realms of consciousness governed by elevated vibrational frequencies beyond the limitations of time and space. It is vital to approach your spiritual development from a grounded and balanced position, anchoring and maintaining equilibrium. You may wish to return to a guided meditation periodically, offering you the opportunity to reconnect with your Sacral Chakra to remind you of your divine nature and creative abilities. 


Sending Love and Light. 

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