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Blue Sapphire

    The Sapphire gemstone, with its celestial hues, is revered as a stone of wisdom, royalty, and divine favour. Throughout history, it has been associated with sacred beliefs and traditions in almost every religion. Its heavenly blue shade has represented celestial hope and faith, offering protection, good fortune, and spiritual insight.… Read More


      The enchanting beauty of the moon can be experienced through a glistening Selenite crystal, as the majestic Moon Goddess Selene rides across the sky in her dazzling chariot. With her silver wings and crescent crown, Selene turns day into night and safeguards those in darkness. While many ancient cultures attributed… Read More

      Smokey Quartz Crystal

        Smoky Quartz is a mineral that exudes an otherworldly beauty and transparency, attracting light and refracting it into mesmerising shades of black and brown. From the pale and delicate wisps of smoke to the deep, midnight hues that echo the waters of the ocean, and the rich and warming tones… Read More


          Sodalite is a remarkable stone known for its density and grounded nature. It is an exceptional tool for meditation and deep journeying. Sodalite allows one to gain insight into the self, evaluating one's motivations, strengths, weaknesses, gifts, and patterns of destiny with an honest approach. This stone helps to dispel… Read More