For almost 6,000 years, Jade has been renowned for its ability to bless anything it comes in contact with and to serve humanity all over the world. Primitive peoples in the British Isles were particularly fond of its toughness, polishing ability, and sharpening capabilities, which made it an excellent stone for weapons, knives, and axe heads. In Mexico, Central and South America, and New Zealand, indigenous tribes used Jade to create deity masks and ritual artifacts and even cast it into wells as offerings to the water spirits for an abundance of fresh water. In China, Jade has been the most highly esteemed stone for thousands of years due to its healing and protective powers and its undeniable beauty. It has been used to carve an infinite number of items, such as gems, incense burners, burial objects, and statues, as well as musical instruments and pendants adorned with poetic inscriptions. 

Jade is highly regarded for its metaphysical properties. It is known as the “Dream Stone,” which was held in high esteem by ancient civilisations and continues to be revered today for its ability to access the spiritual realm, gain insights into ritualistic knowledge, foster creativity, and encourage dream-solutions. It is also an amulet of good luck and friendship, signifying the wisdom gained through tranquillity while eliminating negative energy and allowing individuals to see themselves for who they truly are. 

From a scientific standpoint, Jade refers to two distinct minerals, Nephrite, a calcium magnesium silicate, and Jadeite, a sodium aluminium silicate. Although they differ in composition, hardness, density, and crystal structure, they are both tough stones with similar appearances and valuable metaphysical properties. They are both found in olive shades of green that are often associated with Jade, but there are some variations. Nephrite is usually creamy white, mid-to-deep olive green, brown, or black, with a smooth, polished surface and waxy sheen. Jadeite can be white-grey green, leafy green, blue, blue-green, emerald-green, lavender, pink, red, orange, greenish-black, or black. It is harder, more lustrous, and rarer than Nephrite, and therefore, more expensive. Translucent, emerald-green Jadeite, coloured by chromium, is the rarest and most valuable, known as Imperial Jade. 

Jade is known as the stone of tranquillity amidst chaos. It helps to balance nerves, soothe cardiac rhythm, and has a healing effect on guilt and extreme cases of defeatism. It is also beneficial in treating “pathological normality,” a desire to conform to a group’s norms, whether sect-like, excessively militaristic, or blindly following a leader, or conforming to general opinion to belong at any cost. Green Jade is known as the crystal of love, promoting trustworthiness, fidelity, and supporting new love while inspiring love later in life. 

Jade has potent cleansing properties that enhance the body’s filtration and elimination organs, making it useful in treating kidney, spleen, and supra-adrenal gland issues, removing toxins and balancing fluids and water-salt/acid-alkaline ratios. It is beneficial for treating bone and joint problems, particularly in the hips, bacterial and viral infections, cystitis, urinary infections, and bedwetting. Jade also has a restorative property, enabling the cellular and skeletal systems to re-bind themselves and helping the body to remove pain associated with self-healing. It also assists with the healing of stitches and cramps. 

Imperial Jade is especially helpful in post-surgical healing, particularly plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery following a disfiguring illness or injury. Jade is also a “dream stone,” soothing the mind, releasing negative thoughts and irritability, stabilising the personality, and integrating the mind and body to stimulate ideas and simplify tasks. Placing Jade on the forehead can result in insightful dreams, and it helps with dream recall and the release of suppressed emotions. 

Jade, commonly referred to as the “dream stone,” can alleviate negative thoughts and irritability while calming the mind. By stabilising one’s personality and aligning the mind with the body, it can stimulate innovative ideas and simplify tasks, making them easier to execute. When placed on the forehead, Jade can bring about insightful dreams and improve the recollection of one’s dreams, thereby enabling the release of repressed emotions. 

This stone is also helpful in relinquishing self-imposed limitations and fostering the nurturing of one’s aspirations, allowing for their transformation into a tangible reality. Moreover, Jade encourages self-confidence and assurance, self-reliance, and sufficiency. 

Imperial Jade has the additional ability to enhance troubled relationships and to help rebuild self-respect for individuals who have experienced mockery for their appearance. Similarly, those who struggle with self-loathing due to excessive weight can find the courage to seek help and persist through treatment. 

The use of green crystal energy, specifically Jade, is also helpful in clearing blockages and balancing the heart chakra, promoting an improved understanding of one’s emotional and physical needs. This helps in navigating the difficulties of relationships, recognising their cyclical nature, and embracing the changes. 

Green Jade, particularly, has a harmonising effect on the Heart Chakra, promoting both emotional and physical well-being. 


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