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    For almost 6,000 years, Jade has been renowned for its ability to bless anything it comes in contact with and to serve humanity all over the world. Primitive peoples in the British Isles were particularly fond of its toughness, polishing ability, and sharpening capabilities, which made it an excellent stone… Read More

    Red Jade Crystal

      Red Jade is a stone imbued with the powerful energy of a warrior, serving as a talisman for individual power and will. By dispelling fear, worry, and doubt, this stone urges individuals to take action, harnessing their physical vitality, strength, and passion to stimulate the Life-Force energy within them. Furthermore,… Read More

      Red Jasper Crystal

        Throughout history, the Jasper stone has been regarded as sacred and powerful by many ancient peoples and civilisations. It has been hailed as a stone of protection for both the physical and spiritual realms, known as "rain bringers" and healers of the spirit. The virtues of Jaspers have been extolled… Read More