At the Core of Crystal Healing 

Mineral Formation and Healing Properties

Crystals are fascinating solid materials that possess highly structured atoms, molecules, and ions, arranged in one of seven geometric shapes. Each of these shapes form a unique crystal lattice defining the macroscopic appearance and properties of the crystal. The manner in which these seven geometric patterns are formed significantly influences the healing properties of crystals. Michael Gienger’s book, “Crystal Power Crystal Healing”, sheds light on the three ways crystals are formed. 

Primary or igneous minerals are created from the crystallization of magma or molten rock in constant movement within the Earth’s centre. This principle of mineral formation is the oldest and the most fundamental: liquid substances solidify under specific conditions of pressure, heat, space, and time. 

Secondary or sedimentary minerals, are created from pre-existing rocks, reshaped, and transformed through various influences like wind, weather conditions, and weak acidic solutions produced during weathering and deposition. 

Tertiary or metamorphic minerals are created under extreme pressure and heat forcing the minerals to restructure themselves internally, creating a complete and profound transformation of the arrangement of atoms, molecules, and ions. In tertiary minerals, heat and pressure are not enough to melt the crystal, instead, they are forcing an inner restructuring. 

It is crucial to understand that the process of creating crystals significantly influences their healing properties. 

Crystal Potential and Environmental Factors 

Primary minerals are formed from magma, which is the potential of a crystal. It becomes what it will be when heat and pressure in a specific place for a specific length of time act upon it.  

Secondary crystals, on the other hand, are formed from pre-existing rocks, where the environment squeezes out mineral forming elements to combine with what is available, creating new crystals.  

Tertiary crystals represent a radical change from the inside out. Atoms, molecules, and ions that cannot withstand heat or pressure are expelled to produce an upgraded crystal. 

Primary crystals include fire opal, rhyolite, obsidian, amazonite, gabbro, peridot (olivine), rose quartz, amethyst, lepidolite, topaz, tourmaline, agates, smoky quartz, calcedony, apophyllite, citrine and crystal quartz.  

Secondary crystals include calcite, selenite, pyrite, malachite, chrysocolla, turquoise.  

Tertiary crystals are kyanite, garnet, jade, nephrites, serpentine, zoisite, rhodonite, tiger’s eye, green aventurine.

Crystal Origin and Human Development 

As children, we have inborn tendencies that we learn to apply from an early stage in life, just like the molecules, atoms, and ions present in magma. However, only when the inner potential meets optimal conditions will these abilities unfold fully. 

Primary minerals will be applied throughout life when we face new beginnings and learning experiences. They encourage us to develop our innate potential to its fullest capacity.  

Secondary minerals act on the moulding of a human being based on the influences of the past, environment, and learned behaviours. They help us recognize what has influenced our belief systems and develop more suitable strategies. They help us perceive reality from different angles, melt stress and resistance, resolve old conflicts, and heal diseases resulting from resistance to – or avoidance of our environment. 

Tertiary minerals encourage us to test our abilities to understand and accept that everything in life is changing. They stimulate and support the inner transformation process, helping us with aspects of our relationships, behavioural patterns, and belief systems, which have come to an end, aiding us in letting them go with gratitude and compassion. Tertiary minerals are especially recommended in life situations where we feel stuck, wanting to move forward but not knowing where to start. They bring healing to diseases created by inner conflicts and worries. 

Thank you for showing up. It is all that matters. 

Source: Michael Gienger “Crystal power crystal healing”. 

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