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Establishing a New Habit

Did You Know?

Were you aware that holding a thought and an emotion for at least 17 seconds can increase the chances of manifestation? Additionally, establishing a new habit requires consistent effort for a minimum of 21 days. But why 17 seconds, you might ask? Recent research suggests that this is the minimum time required for neurons to form new connections in the brain and establish new neuropaths. Consequently, this leads to a shift in thought patterns, and the heart can create and stabilize emotions that nourish those thoughts. 

It is important to note that thoughts and emotions are closely intertwined, like inhaling and exhaling. They influence one another, underscoring the significance of being selective in both our thoughts and feelings. You might be curious about which comes first: the thought or the emotion? Researchers have only recently begun to investigate this excellent question. 

Heart Intelligence…

Recent studies have brought to light the heart’s complexity, which is far greater than previously thought. Professor David Paterson of Oxford University has discovered that the heart contains neurons like those in the brain, which are found on the right ventricle surface and are linked to brain thought processes. The heart and brain are intimately connected, with the brain receiving more signals from the heart throughout the day than the other way around. 

This revolutionary discovery places the heart at the core of our existence, a truth that was known to our ancestors. To improve our health, attract wealth and abundance, and create long-lasting relationships, we must choose our thoughts and feelings carefully if we want to make changes in our lives. 

Routine vs Habit

According to Nyl Eyal, author of “Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life,” the first step in creating long-term change in life is to establish routines rather than habits. A routine is an intentional behaviour that is frequently performed, whereas a habit is a behaviour that is done with little or no thought at all. This explains why forming new habits is so challenging. To establish an automatic behaviour, we must first consciously and consistently establish a new routine while bypassing any obstacles that resist change. 

According to a Harvard Business Review article, the time required to establish a habit varies depending on the individual and the complexity of the habit. The same article suggests that it can take anywhere from 21 to 66 days to form a habit. 

In summary, being intentional about your thoughts and emotions, creating routines, and bypassing resistance to change are crucial steps in creating long-lasting changes in your lives. By doing so, you can attract abundance and wealth, create meaningful relationships, and live the life you desire.

21 Days Challenge

Our challenge this month will span 21 days. When you wake up each morning, take 17 seconds for the next 21 days to positively alter your mood, uplift your spirit, and activate the boundless potential of your inspired mind. Recite the following affirmations aloud or silently and marvel at the transformative effects they produce. 

“I AM. 

I AM in the present moment. 

I am Grateful. 

I am Joyful. 

I am Compassionate. 

I am Creative. 

I am Intuitive. 

I am Resourceful. 

I am Passionate. 

I am Perseverant. 

I am Thoughtful. 

I am Loved. 

I am Protected. 

I am Guided. 

I am Supported. 

I am deeply Grateful.

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Thank you for showing up. It is all that matters. Love and Light. 


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