A Crystal is a Friend for Life


Crystals are ancient beings, built from one of seven forms: triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagons, rhomboids, parallelograms and or trapeziums, coming together through laborious chemical or physical processes throughout the millennia. What gives them their unique healing properties is determined by how they came into existence and the shape of their core. These forms lock together into an infinite number of potential crystal shapes, where the outer form of the crystal does not necessarily match the inner structure. 

Like the human body, although apparently inert, at their core, crystals are dynamic beings, with their atoms and surrounding particles rotating in a precise and constant motion, which translates into the crystal vibrating at a certain frequency known as the energy wave of the crystal. 

Chakra Alignment, Integrative Balance

Chakra Alignment

Deep - Intense - Glow

Crystals are placed on the body or around the body to allow their energy field to connect and interact with ours. Whether they are in contact or not is irrelevant, energy knows no barrier and needs no vehicle, it is within us, surrounding us, energy is all there is. This is why Chakra alignment can be done either face-to-face or remotely, providing the same benefits for the intention placed upon the crystals in the beginning of the session. 

If done remotely, it is in the best interest of the client to remain seated or laying down and allow the mind to unfocus, to let go, to relax. When the mind is relaxed and the chatter is diminished, the heart is free to open, to experience compassion to self and to all, to embrace the human and the divine in harmony with the natural flow of life. 

Recommended for calming an overactive mind, alleviate depression and reduce anxiety, increase concentration and focus, promote clarity of purpose, bring emotional and mental balance and confidence into our daily life. 

Massage With Crystals, Facial

RELAXATION With crystals

Full Body Crystal Relaxation

The Relaxation is performed with gentle strokes, using different types of palm stones. There is no need for direct contact of the crystals with the skin, as energy –is, and travels through – matter, therefore a blanket is provided over the clothing to ensure a fluid motion. The general effect is that of a calm, deep relaxation from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. 

The benefits of the healing properties of the crystals can be felt regardless of the type of session, all that is required if provided remotely, is a quiet room, or a calming countryside where the mind, the heart and the body feel safe to open, enjoy and relax. 

Recommended for promoting cellular regeneration, faster healing of internal injuries after surgery, promoting bone regeneration, reducing muscle tension and fatigue, alleviating pain, reducing swelling, calming arthritic pain, improving sleep and general mood. 

Massage With Crystals, Full Body

RELAXATION With Crystals

Facial - Face to Face or Online

The facial skin is very delicate and exposed to environmental elements and internal changes which, in time will cause a decrease in elasticity followed by the loss of facial tone. Applied with gentle strokes, the different type of palm stone crystals will relax the muscles of the face, tonify and improve the natural flow of the blood and nourishing our skin.  

The benefits of the healing properties of the crystals can be felt regardless of the type of session, all that is required if provided remotely, is a quiet room, or a calming countryside where the mind, the heart and the body feel safe to open, enjoy and relax. 

Recommended to everyone who wishes to improve the appearance of small wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, toning the muscles, enhancing the appearance of a healthier, younger-looking skin. 

Web of Light, Integrative Balance

The Web Of Light

Face to Face Only

Designed by a Master Healer with more than 40years of experience in the field, the web contains over 1000 tiny clear quartz crystals in sacred geometry patterns. When placed upon the face, the crystals direct the energy into the skin, like a myriad of light beams nourishing and regenerating the cells of our superficial skin layers while activating the pressure points on the face, cascading a healing flow of energy throughout the entire body. 

This treatment can only be performed in person, the web must be placed in contact with the facial skin for best results. The energy of the crystals will reach deep into the skin layers to remove the toxins and release excess of fluid. 

Recommended for a younger and healthier looking skin, detox, regeneration, and rejuvenation, decrease of small wrinkles around the corners of the eye and the mouth, reduces puffiness and promotes toning. (Treatment of choice for Hen Do parties).

Crystals for pets, Integrative Balance

Crystals For Pets

Energy Fields and Auras

Animals love the energy of the crystals and intuitively know the benefits of the healing frequencies on their bodies. All animals have an energy field – an aura – and a chakra system which will create the optimal conditions for the body to grow and flow in balance and harmony with the life force. When imbalanced, our beloved pets will also suffer from emotional, mental, and physical imbalances. 

As with the other therapies offered, this treatment can be done either face-to-face or online, the only requirement for the remote healing session is that you are with your beloved pet in a quiet room, or outdoors, where your pet feels comfortable and reassured, holding them in your lap and gently stroking their fur.

Recommended for mental, emotional, and physical ailments, it is especially beneficial after surgery, crystals can help your pet regenerate broken bones after they have been repositioned or heal internal organs after the intervention. 

Absent Healing

Online And From Afar

This type of therapy is only offered online and in absentia, at a predetermined day and time. Very similar to the Chakra alignment therapy, it is meant to reach your energetic field when you are relaxed, maybe even asleep, and to harmonise the energies of your body to induce a balanced lifestyle.

Ideal for busy clients unable to access the service during working hours.

Regression with Crystals, Integrative Balance

Regression With Crystals

Face to Face or Online

Past Life Regression is a journey of the mind, usually in a state of deep relaxation, which leads to another time and another place, in another life that the soul has experienced. It is an experience that will provide a deeper understanding of the events, relationships, patterns of thoughts and emotions that keep recreating themselves for no apparent reason or cause.  

This therapy includes a guided meditation to facilitate the past life regression journey. If delivered in person, the crystals will add new depths to the experience. When delivered online, all that is required is a quiet room, good internet connection and headphones for best results. 

Recommended for those who wish to gain a broader perspective on life, improve their current circumstances by learning the lessons of the past, reduce anxiety, depression, improve self-esteem, gain confidence and encourage self-love and compassion.


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